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23The Proof Of The Islamic Bak Magic is here. …i.e. The proof that the Islamic Bak Exists.The Bak is a Fact and it is not a myth…George Youssef
You Will find The Proof That The Islamic Bak Magic Is a Fact…Not a Myth .Please notice The Left shoe of the Saudi King in This Photo Released By SANA The Syrian News Agency During the economic summit held because of the latest Israeli invasion of The Gaza Strip.Dated Jan.20, 2009.Courtsey of George Youssef. Founder of The Anti-Islamic Bak.I have Tons and Tons Of proofs.Do you Have A mossad Contact Or an FBI contact.I live in Toronto , Canada and I would like to see Muslims Pay for what they did Who they are and what They Have.George Youssef …Founder of the anti-islamic bak.I live in Toronto, phone:4166863843,My Mailing address is:  214-33 Coatsworth crescent,Coxwell, Toronto,Ontario, Canada, M4C5P9

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